Homo-Mahnmal - Erklärung


There are for (nearly) all monuments, commemorative tables and memorials, and this is a good thing too. One may not forget the past. However, too many people would not like to remember some awful event in the past yet.

There is something which makes me personally particularly affected:
The pursuit of people with another sexual orientation, as for example homo and bisexual, transvestite and transsexuals.

We were pursued in the course of the history of mankind over and over again, or at least were despised and mocked. One threw us tied up in marshes, stoned to death or burnt us, closed us in prisons or lunatic asylums, and a lot more.
It even seemed that also the own family the homosexual family_member.

I had never to be discriminated up to now the luck on grounds of my homosexuality, still I look at it as my duty to fight against the fact that pursues other homosexual, tormented, are discriminated or even are killed.
In memory of the people the victims up to now of this insanity became, but to prevent also as a reminder around other crimes of this kind, a homosexual memorial should be built as soon as possible.
I introduce here a few ideas like I fancy such a memorial. Every proposal is exactly examined. Should there be enough prospective customers for such a project, the foundation of a homo's memorial association would make sense.

You can read up on Winkel.php which meaning had the different corners in the concentration camps.

You can read on History what has passed the important during the last centuries for homosexual.

You can get to know on Personalities and Destinies which famous, homosexual personalities there have been.

If you have an idea like thus a homo's memorial should look so you write to me. They can see on examples how I fancy a homo's memorial. They are invited warmly to develop even ideas for a memorial. Simply send me your proposal, I will publish him on this homepage.

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