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On this site I present some links directly matching with this project, or which I hold at least for worth mentioning.

http://www.gedenkort.de (in German) http://www.gedenkort.de
On this web page one devotes himself to the memory of the homosexual victims of the National Socialists.  (in German)

In Germany (Berlin) the LSVD (lesbian and gay association of Germany) has tried to establish a Homosexual-Memorial. The efforts of the LSVD and other groups and individuals was crowned by success. The Berlin homo-memorial was initiated on the 27th of May, 2008.  (in German)

www.iraqbodycount.org (auf englisch) www.iraqbodycount.org (auf englisch)
This homepage gets on as an alternative to the American and British media. On this site are counted because not only American and British, but also Iraqi deaths.

On this homepage it is thought to the homosexual victims of the national socialism.
http://www.homo-mahnmal.at  (in German)

The "Grünen-Andersrum" is the area of the Austrian Green Party with homosexual members.
Gruene-Andersrum  (in German)

Freak's radio is a radio station of disabled persons and non-disabled persons for disabled persons.
Freak-Radio  (in German)

www.blindnews.euhttp://www.blindnews.eu" (auf deutsch)
On this homepage you will find article especially on the subject "Visual impediment".

Here the "Oesis" (Austrians) can something learn about the "Pifkes" (Germans) (and vice versa)  (in German)

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http://www.google.de is still a very much popular searching machine.


http://de.altavista.com is a Meta-searching machine.


With http://www.klug-suchen.de can look among other things also for mp3 files.

Suche in Germany International
Meta-searching machine: http://www.apollo7.de

Here you can get to know what there is tasty in the restaurant "feed ground". From own experience I can say: It really feels well, and favourably. (on in German)

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