The "Concentration-Camp" triangular corners

(Triangular Corners)
(Die KZ-Dreieckswinkel)

The triangular corners in this list were created 1936 by the "SS" to classification the prisoners. They have been used all of these corners, as far as to me is known, in "all" concentration camps. The corners were fasten on the left breast side. Beside of this eight corners there were even other sub-groups to the more exact division of the prisoners.

The eight most known corners:
Rosa Winkel

Homosexual, also called "The 175", (§ 175 forbids Homosexuality) were looked by the camp society in general as abnormal and injuriously. They were in every concentration camp an edge group, or stood at the lowest hierarchy level..

Schwarzer Winkel

"Assozials", had a bad position in the camp hierarchy. In the opinion of the "NS" National-Socialist every "Associal" Person is work-shy and comparably to a national pests. They were, like the homosexual, an edge group without privileges in the camps.

Roter Winkel

From 1937 there was also for political prisoners a special corner.

Gelber Winkel

The Jews carried a yellow Star of David (2 yellow corners) and upper also one of the abovementioned other colours could have been.

Lila Winkel

Biblical scholar, the witnesses of Jehovah. They became victims of the "NS" because of her logical and peaceful opposition against orders, in the contradiction to her world view lay pursued.

Blauer Winkel


Brauner Winkel

Gipsy (later black)

Grüner Winkel

"Criminals", became it divided in:
"Bver" (of limited Prisoner or so called "occupational criminals") and "Sver" (of police security-kept). The "Sver" were excluded from privileges (mostly). The "Bver" were used by the SS to provide with crude power for order and rest.

Weitere Zeichen:

The members of the penal company had a black point at the corner point.

Rassenschänderin "Race desecrator"
Jüdischer Rassenschänder Jewish "race desecrator"
  • Prisoners suspected of escape
were marked, in addition, with a red-white target on breast and back.
  • Back-due
received about her triangle a same-coloured beam.
were marked separately in the form of a Star of David.

If only one sign was not enough to the Definition, two corners were combined on occasion with each other. For example, a yellow with a pink corner.

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