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On this side I describe chronologically the pursuit of homosexual generally, and during the Nazi regime in the special.

Because it, however, with such an important matter like this particularly on correct data depends I will look "long and thoroughly". This list will increase constantly.

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Here you can read the description of different homosexual personalities

You find them a listing and description of the corners the concentration camp prisoners had to carry: Winkel



4. century Since the fourth century homosexuality with the death was punished in almost all Christian states.
1787 Austria lifts the capital punishment for homosexuality.
1794 Prussia lifts the capital punishment for homosexual.
19. century The Concept Homosexuality originated only in the 19th century. Before homosexuality was called with women and with men, as well as sex with animals, "lewdness against the nature" or "buggery". Because one looked at homosexuality also as an illness, one often sent homosexual in lunatic asylums - to cure them "".
1851 Prussian Criminal Code contains text later §175 in §143 .
1869 The concept Homosexuality was introduced by the Hungarian doctor Kertbeny.
1897 The first homosexual union of the world originates: Magnus Hirschfeld founds in 1897 the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee (Wissenschaftlich-Humanitäre Komitee - WHK). The priority aim of the WHK was the abolition of the section 175 which was brought into force in 1871.
1909 Draught for a new criminal law contains increase §175 and expansion on lesbian women.
1922 Foundation "alliance for human right". (homosexual civil right organisation)
1923 The first homosexual demonstration takes place, with the demand for the abolition of the section 175. (Place and organizer, unfortunately not known)
1929 The penal Committee on Legal Affairs of the Reichstag is right for a cancelation §175 is right. §175 does not reach on grounds of the national-socialist virulent campaigns against deer field and his movement any more to the treatment in the parliament.
Februar/März 1933 For the first time homosexuals were delivered to concentration camp camp. The Concentration-Camp_Corners of the prisoners.
März 1933 All homosexual organisations are forbidden.
20. März 1933 Foundation of the concentration camp - concentration camp Dachau.
24. Oktober 1934 Heinrich Himmler instructs all German police stations to make a »list of all people who have been known as homosexuals«.
30.Juni.1934 Seriously Röhm is arrested and executed.
26. Juni 1935 The law to the castration from homosexual men is realised.
1936 Confidential "imperial headquarters to the fight of the homosexuality and the abortion" founded. Raids and mass arrest of homosexual.
15. November 1941 Hitler arranges the capital punishment for homosexual HJ, policemen and SS-Soldiers.
1944 Human attempts to homosexual in the concentration camp Buchenwald.
8. Mai 1945 The war is official to an end. This also meant the end of the concentration camps.
1948 The American biologist Alfred C. Kinsey publishes the results of his research in his work "The sexual behaviour of the man".
1949 The German Government maintained (Anti-Homosexual)_Law §175 in NS form.
10. Mai 1957 The German Federal Constitutional Court classifies §175 in the version of 1935 as »proper come about«.
1959 The pursuit of homosexual - in Germany (BRD) - reaches the climax.
1968 The DDR (East-Germany) reforms §175.
28. Juni 1969 On the 28th of June, 1969 a crude police raid takes place in the gay's bar "Stonewall Inn" in Christopher Street in New York, as well as nearly daily in the homosexual bars America. However, on this day begin the "soft homos" who had never defended themselves up to now against the police infringements to offer resistance. It comes to a "revolution". the news of the opposition spreads in the surroundings, a street battle originates in which 500 people take part. Though this "battle" lasted merely only 45, but it was enough around the ice to break: Gays and lesbians are not any more the helpless victims. Still in the same year gay's groups and lesbian groups form in the whole country. Shortly after also in andeen countries of the world. To the memory of the events in the Christopher-Street demonstrations take place since 1970 annually in June / July for the equal rights of homosexual people - the Christopher-Street-Day.
1969 BRD reforms § 175.
1970 In New York Gay Liberation Front is founded - who serves till this day worldwide as a model for many gay-lesbian civil right groups. Since the nineties they have become the biggest civil right movement.
1971 The gay Berliner (Movie)-Director Rose von Praunheim brings the film "Not the homosexual is perverted, but the situation in which he lives" in the cinemas. Shortly after the film originate different lesbian-gay action groups.
1974 The US psychiatrist's union strokes homosexuality from the official list of the illnesses.
1977 Harvey Milk is chosen as the first open gay living person in a political office - it becomes a town council in San Francisco.
1977 In completely America go out into the streets in June, 1977 more than half a million people to the CSD (Christopher-Street-Day).
27.  November 1978 Superintendent (district mayor) Harvey Milk and mayor George Moscone are shot by ex-superintendent Dan White in their office. Dan White is condemned for this double murder to "7 1/2" years. He tried to justify his action with the consumption of Junk-Food.
1980 A new and puzzling form of illness is discovered. An illness which concerns exclusively gay men.
1982 The first Gay Games I I are delivered in San Francisco. 1600 sportsmen took part from all over the world in it.
1984 The first KZ with a stone tablet in memory of the Rose's Winkel prisoners is put up in KZ-Mauthausen. It follow: New narrow nurse, Dachau, Sachsenhausen.
1985 In Berlin the "Schwule Museum" is founded.
1986 The Gay Games II are held in San Francisco with 3500 athletes.
1987 In Amsterdam a homo's monument - three different ground sculptures is established - in memory of the suppression of the homosexual victims of the Nazis.
1989 In Denmark the first Homo-Marriage is put down.
1989 At three different places of Germany stones tablet are established for the homosexual victims of the Nazi regime.
1990 Im August 1990 are organised Gay Games III in Vancouver with 9500 participants.
1992 The World Health Organization WHO extinguishes homosexuality from the list of the illnesses.
1993 Samesex-Partnerships legalises in: Norway
1994 11000 participants come to Gay Games IV in New York.
1994 Samesex-Partnerships legalises in: Sweden
1994 Germany abolishes §175 on the 11th of June.
1996 Samesex-Partnerships legalises in: Greenland
1996 Samesex-Partnerships legalises in: Island
1997 Samesex-Partnerships legalises in: Netherlands
1998 The Gay Games V take place 1998 in November in Sydney.
1999 Samesex-Partnerships legalises in: France
2000 England adapts the protective age for homosexual contacts: 16 years.
2001 Samesex-Partnerships legalises in: Gemany
2001 From August, 2001 gays and lesbians in Germany can enter a registered partnership. The CDU/CSU-Party goes against it before the Federal Constitutional Court. In 2002 they fail with it.
2001 Samesex-Partnerships legalises in: Portugal
2001 200 homosexual marry in Mexiko
1. April 2001 The first valid marriage ceremonies of homo's pairs "before the registry office" are carried out on the 1st of April with a ceremonious ceremony in Amsterdam. At the same time the matrimonial law also comes into force in the Netherlands.
Juni 2001 The first Homosexual-Parade in Jerusalem. Motto "love without borders".
30. Juni 2001 The first Homosexual-Parade in Belgrad .
2002 According to International Amnesty (Germany) Saddam Hussein introduces the capital punishment for homosexuality again.
2002 In Greenland the first lesbian and gay organisation founded is 2002.
2002 Samesex-Partnerships legalises in: Finland
2002 Swedish homosexual receive unlimited adoption right.
14. August 2002 Finally, in Austria the government expires of the Anti-Homosexual-Law Paragraph 209. This section had intended a different protective age for homo and heterosexual contacts. Now he becomes substituted by a spare regulation, the section 207. However, this offers furthermore elbowroom for discrimination.
2002 The Federal Constitutional Court confirms the legality of the registered partnership for gays and lesbians in a judgment.

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