Homo-Mahnmal - Aktionen

Homo-Memorial Projects

In planning:

Activity:                     -
Place:                         -
Time:                          -
Reason:                     -
  1. Announcement of the subject "homosexual victims of the Nazis"
  2. Announcement of the project "Homo's memorial"
Proposal for action: Street action (state of information) If you proposals has, or even ready would be to be helped, then scicken you please an Email .

What`s Necessary:
  1. The approval
  2. Enough assistants (approx. 2-3 people)
  3. At least 10, or 15 or 21 "pink" aerial balloons, or accordingly more (perhaps filled with helium)
  4. A table
  5. Info slip of paper with Explanations
  6. Book list on this subject
  7. perhaps nibbling stuff
  8. perhaps rain protection

Already carried out:

  1. Construction of the "virtual" memorial
  2. Takeover of a godparenthood for a Strassenbahnbeflaggung

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