The description of the single personalities comes for the most part from the book "OUT! 600 famous lesbians, gays and bisexuals" from Axel Schock and Karen-Susan chain. Across publishing company of Berlin.

On this side I describe - chronologically - different famous, homosexual personalities. The list is extended constant ones, or is corrected as far as inevitably.







(approx.) in 610 B.C.

In 560 B.C.

She was a Greek lyricist. It was already at the past a legend. She influenced important density like Catull, Horaz or Plato (he called them also "tenth muse"). She informed her pupils on the island "Lesbos".



In 469 B.C.

In 399 B.C.

The draught of the love of Sokrat corresponded in possibly to that of Plato: "An older man had to do a younger boy loves - besides, the sexual should remain impossible." For Sokrat appeared in the beauty of the boy, the beauty of the philosophy. He himself wrote never down his apprenticeships himself. His apprenticeships were held on among other things by Plato, Xenophon Aristotelis, Aischines and Arisitophanes. He had to drink 399 the Schirlingsbecher (capital punishment), because he has enticed the youth and should have introduced new gods.



In 427 B.C.

In 347 B.C.

Plato had a moved life. Originally he aimed at a political career. After he of 407-400 B.C. pupil of Sokrat was he devoted himself to the literature and philosophy. He travels among other things to Megara and Syracuse (from where he by Dionysios was expelled). Plato returns to Athens, is arrested, as a slave sells and was released later again. In 387 B.C. he founds own teaching community. After his philosophy the person can recognise the really property and beauty only if he frees himself of the wishes and phenomena of the life. He develops the theory of the pure, sublimated (Platonic) love as the highest aim to be aimed


Alexander the tallness

Autumn, 356 B.C.

13.6.323 B.C.

He was a big general. Alexander d. Tallness was not afraid to show in public his affection for the eunuch Bagoas and his long-standing beloved Hephaistos. As a Hephaistos dies Alexander lets him in all dignity lay to rest, and as a token of the grief to all soldiers shave the head bald.


Hadrian (alias Publius Aelius Hadrianus)



During his regency he travels a lot by his empire. He improves the management, examines the troops and allows to build towns in the provinces. He gets to know 123 Antinous. His young lovers were only 15 years old. 130 he drowns under unsettled circumstances during a trip at the Nile. Marguerite Yourcenar makes the love between Antinous and Hadrian on the subject of her novel.


Edward II.



The young knight of pier Gaveston should become his teacher, however, became, instead, his lovers. Edwards Vater exiles the lover. After the death of the father Edward fetches back him again. Gaveston is murdered by the barons, in 1327 Edward overtakes the same destiny.


Hafis (Schamsüddin Mohammad)

IN 1320

IN 1389

The exact date of birth and death date of Hafis is not known. He was a Persian writer. In his works he described the beauty of the nature, and from men and boys. "August von Platen" and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe fell back in her work on the writings of Hafis.


Leonardo da Vinci



It was a universal genius. Da Vinci was not only an endowed artist but also a scientist. He was also an astronomer, anatomist, engineer and town planner. There was an anonymous denunciation to the City Council of Florence in April, 1476. He, and four other men, should have assaulted on a young prostitute. Because there no proofs was he was acquitted. Shortly after there was an other accusation. This time he could not prove his innocence. Nevertheless, da Vinci got away with a penal decree.


Michelangelo Buonarroti



Michelangelo was, like Leonardo da Vinci, an endowed painter - and homosexual. This appears very clearly in his paintings and sculptures to call the "David" around only one. In 1532 he gets to know the aristocrat Tommaso de` Cavalieri. Both remain up to Michelangelos a death linked. Vavalieri held to him in the deathbed still the hand.


Sir Franci Bacon



Under king of England Jakob I he makes a precipitous career. On grounds of a scandal (without his guilt) he loses his post. He is valid as a "philosophical pioneer of the scientific thinking".


Christopher Marlowe



Christopher Marlowe was a dramatist, lyricist and atheist. Already with 25 he was famous for his works. However, this fame was clouded by his excessive life. He had to go because of blasphemy is accused, before, nevertheless, he died in a pub fight.


William Shakespeare



There are experts who are of the opinion that it concerned with "William Shakespeare" another person. Valid proofs were not found up to now yet. In jahr in 1594 originated 154 sonnets, of it 126 poems are directed rather clearly erotically to a young man.





It was only just ten years of Sweden queen. In 1654 she resigns and travels to Rome. There it is politically active furthermore. She tries to ascend in 1660 and 1667 the throne again, nevertheless, this you fail. Her love is booked by numerous letters to the lady-in-waiting "Countess Ebba Sparring".


Eugene von Savoyen



He was an Austrian prince, and an exceedingly good general. He commanded man who repulsed successfully the Turkish attack. Prince Eugene von Savoyen was still very successful in many other battles. Philippe, Herzog of Orlèans - brother of Ludwig to XIV - was only one of his friends. Another narrow friend was a prince of Turenne. Both were also homosexual. His homosexuality was an open secret with his army.





She ascends in 1702 the English throne. It was liked with her people very much. Queen Anne maintained a passionate respect with Sarah Churchill.


Friedrich von Preussen of II.



With 28 he took over the throne. He was valid as an enlightened monarch. Friedrich von Preussen was interested very much in art, literature and philosophy.


Lady Eleanor butler


IN 1829

Together with your lifelong companion to whom she gets engaged in 1778 she reads a lot letters with many fames of her time change.


Deborah Sampson



Under the male name Robert Shirtliff smuggles itself Sampson in the 5/20/1782 in the army. In her male disguising she takes part in the independence war. After the war she lets herself Ohio moved. She enters even twice a marriage with a woman (as a man). When by a chance her true gender becomes known, one dismisses them "honourably" from the army.


James Miranda Barrie

IN 1795


"She" is valid as one of the first western advocates of the preventive medicine. It itself with James Barrie around a woman acted one noticed only with the autopsy.


Count August von Platen-Hallermünde



He was a German writer. Always he tried to fight against his homosexuality. He did not do this secretly, he described it also rather in detail in some of his works.


Hans Christian Anderson



He wrote about 156 fairy tales. Fairy tale such as The ugly duckling, The small mermaid, the emperor's new clothes, etc. H.C.Anderson had time of his life with women only Platonic relations. Also with men he should have had no sexual contacts.


Florence Nightingale



In 1846 she can be trained in Salisbury hospital for the nurse. Within the shortest time she develops to the expert in the area of the public health. Since 1854, during the Crimea war, she is famous as the "lady with the lamp". In 1907 it is lent by the king as the first woman of "Order of Merit".


Walt Whitman



He was an American writer. Whitman stood always to his homosexuality. He inserted this subject quite clearly in his works. Often he describes strong, suntanned men. However, he was also an advocate of human rights and democracy. His view was: "Resists a lot, obeys a little".


Susan B. Antony



She was an American feminist and social reformer. She exerted herself vehemently for the equal rights of the women and for the abolition of the slavery. When she in 1872 by a public choice tries to give her vote it is arrested. In 1920, 14 years after Anthonys death, the Americans with the "Anthony-Amendment" receive the full franchise.


Karl Heinrich Ulrichs



Ulrichs is valid as a pioneer. He was maybe the first gay's activist of Europe. In 29. A speech holds Ulrichs 8.1867 during the German lawyer's day in Munich. For the first time a homosexual demanded publicly a juridical and moral equalization of gays and lesbians in the society. Ulrichs always tried to prove that homosexuality is no illness or sin.


Emily Dickinson



She writes nearly 1200 poems, inspired by the love to Susan Gilbert. All poems are published only after her death. Today she is valid as one of the most brilliant lyricists America.


Peter Iljitsch Tchaikovsky



He was a Russian composer. From him there comes among other things "the Swan Lake" (in 1877 and "of The nutcrackers" (1893). Tschaikowsky was ashamed for his homosexuality. He wanted not even to call it in his letters to the also homosexual brother with the name. He holds his occasional relations with men top secret. In 1877 he enters with Antonia Miljubkowa a marriage. His cause of death is not quite clear.


Edward Carpenter

29.8. IN 1844


After Carpenter in 1870 the priest's inauguration conceives he travels to Italy. He resolves to break with his present life. He becomes an author, and he exerts himself for the simple folk.


Prince Philipp to owl's castle and field Herte



He made at the court of the German emperor a precipitous career. This was finished by the disclosure of his homosexuality by the journalist Maximilian Harden. He was informed by count Holstein. Count Holsein supposed that he lost by prince Philipp to the poses in the Foreign Office. This scandal entailed that all efforts §175 were destroyed to abolish.


Ludwig II.



He was, like Ludwig I, a sponsor of the arts., Among the rest, he was a patron of the composer Richard Wagner. He allowed to build many splendid castles, the probably best known one is a castle New swan's stone. There were rumours around his homosexuality over and over again. He should also have had with his stable master Richard Hornig a sexual respect. During the last years of his life he becomes weary of the political shops increasingly. Later he is even incapacitated. In 1886 he resigns, shortly after he drowns under up to now unsettled circumstances in the Starnberger lake.


Calamity Jane (alias Martha Jane Canary)


IN 1903

In the beginning she denied her living with jobs such as cook, furrier, post rider, scout and dance halls-Girl. However, in the course of the time she became one of the biggest entertainment artist of 19 Jhdt. She was one of the most famous circus artists and art shooter. Though it was married twice with a man, however, objects of her desire were women.


Oscar to game



Oscar Fingal O `Flahertie Wills to game was an Irish author. For him aesthetics was extremely important. His probably most famous work is "The portrait of Dorian Gray".


Bessie Marbury



In 1890 Marbury founded her own theatrical agency. Within the shortest time she became very high-powered., Among the rest, she looked after George Bernhard Shaw, after "Mercedes de Acosta" and "Oscar to game". Since 1887 she lived together with her lifelong companion "lsie de wolf".


Baron Wilhelm von Gloeden



Wilhelm von Gloeden was a German photographer. Since the 20s of 20. Jhdt. appeared his photos also in gay's magazines. He himself became later also to the object of artistic work, zB from "Andy Warhol" or "Roger Peyrefitte".


Anita Augspurg



She finishes her law study at the Zurich university. At that time women were admitted in whole Europe only there. She exerts herself for the rights, or the women's franchise. Together with her lifelong companion "Lida Heymann" she covered during the 1st world war a clearly pacifistic position.


Lady Ethel Smyth



She was one of the first female composers englands. For her works she becomes known internationally. From her is among other things "Fantasio" (1889). She founds wärend of her activities in the Suffragettenbewegung a women's orchestra with choir. They widmed of the women's movement the hymn "March of the Women" (1911). She discovered quite early her love to women.


Jane Addams



She was involved in person advisable in need. In 1910 it is appointed the first female president of the national conference for social work. She fights for protection of children and young people and the rights of the women - above all also the women's franchise. In 1931 she receives as the first American the Nobel peace prize.


Alfred Redl



By his intelligence and a lot of diligence he gets to be taken up in the Austria-Hungarian army. He had a precipitous career. To maintain his luxurious life style he worked since 1902 as a spy for Russia. On the 24th of May, 1913 Redl is unmasked by his own colleagues of the counter-intelligence. One puts him in his hotel room to the speech. A gun is made available to him, with this he can commit appropriate for state suicide. After his death many clues on his homosexuality are found. Redls betrayal is valid as one of the principal reasons for defeat of Austria during the 1st world war. In the discussion about the Gleichbereichtigung of homosexual he is often called as a negative example. In 1950 an investigation report of the US senate calls the case Redl as a proof of the fact that homosexual show a security risk with the military.


Lida Gustava Heymann



She was a German feminist. In 1896 she gets to know on an international women's congress in Berlin "Anita Augspurg" and love. From now on they live and work with each other. In 1917 Augspurg is expelled because of her "pacifistic agitation" from Bavaria.


Magnus Hirschfeld



Magnus Hirschfeld is valid as a co-founder of the German sexual science. In the 5/15/1897 he founded with Max Spohr and Franz Josef von Bülow the WHK (Scientific humanitarian committee). The WHK worked constantly on proving that homosexuality is no illness or sin. Another aim was the abolition §175.


Andre Gide



He was a French author. Andre Gide was born on the 22nd of November, 1869 in Paris. He wrote among other things: "Les cahiers d'André Walter", "L'immoraliste", "L'immoraliste", "Paludes", "Les Nourritures Terrestres", "La Porte Etoite", "Return from the U.S.S.R.". Andre Gide received in 1947 the literature Nobel prize. Andre Gide died on the 19th of February, 1951 in Paris. A year after his death Vatican put his books on the "index of forbidden books".


Marcel Proust



Marcel Proust was a French author. He wrote (u.a.) a 7-volume novel held in the I-form. There are many autobiographic parts in it. Till about 1906 he does not confess openly to his homosexuality, although his relations with men are no real secret.


Dr. Sara Josephine Baker



She dedicated her life to the fight for improved hygiene terms. At the beginning of her work it is asked by her superiors to carry man's clothes to veil that she is a woman. In 1917 she receives as the first woman the doctor's dignity in the area "public health".


Alla Nazimova



She was an American actress and film producer. After her emigration from Russia she soon becomes a famous actress. It was associated herself among other things with "Mercedes de Acosta" and the actress "Eva LeGalliene".


Thomas Mann



Thomas Mann is valid as one of the most important German authors of 20. Jhdt. He exerts himself vehemently against the national socialism, has to go in 1933 in exile. He never dares it to realise his homosexual inclination. Nevertheless, in his works the subject Homosexuality seems over and over again. For example, in "death in Venice". He entered a false marriage with Katia Pringsheim, from theirs six children are descended. Three of it are also homosexual: Erika, Klaus and Golo man.


Fritz Haarmann



Fritz Haarman was an old clothes and meat trader. To him it is repeated to have bitten through 24 young men during the sex act the throat. His accomplice Hans Granz sold the clothes of the victims, he himself sold as a meat trader parts of the corpses.


Coco Chanel (alias Gabi's ulna Chanel)



She influenced the fashion of 20. Jhdt. Coco Chanel had frequent and short relations, many also with women.


Virginia Woolf



Their father (Leslie Stephans) taught her and to be independent her three brothers and sisters. Their mother dies when she was three, her father 14 years later. She was a co-founder of the publishing company of Hogarth Pressing. Together with Lytton Strachey and E.M. Forester belonged they to legendary "Bloomsbury Group". One of her most famous works is probably "Orlando". It is worth as a portrait for noble beloved "vita Sackville west ".


Edna St vincent Millay



Millay was one of the best known and most successful lyricists of her time. Though it was married, however, felt over and over again to women drawn., Among the rest, to "Thelma Woods".


Eleanor Roosevelt



It is the first "ridge lady " well over her traditional representativen duties is active. She exerts herself actively for the human rights, the rights of the women and from social minorities. In 1941 she becomes Assisentin of the ministry of defence, after the death of her husband in 1945 she will appeal of president Truman in the general assembly of the "United Nations". She was friends with many lesbian women. For a longer period it was associated herself with Lorena Hicock.


Elizabeth Arden (alias - Florence Nightingale Graham)



She opens in 1910 in New York a beauty drawing room. It is involved above all in the 20s in homosexual society lives very much.


MA Rainey (alias Gertrude Pridgett)



The black American Bluessängerin worked together among other things with Louis Armstron. She married the musician wanting "Pa" Rainey. In her songs she treated very openly the love to own gender. She was accompanied on her shows often from her lovers, the singer "Bessie Smith".


Seriously Röhm



He was a German Saturday leader and high NS politician. In 1924/25 he leads the storm department brought to life by him (SATURDAY) in the course of the years the organisation on up to four million members grows. Hitler and his followers look at this as a competition to her SS. The SS allows to shoot Röhm, there he itself denies suicide to commit.


Ruth Benedict



Long time was they only wife and housewife. In 1919 she began with her study of the anthropology in New York. Within the shortest time she is a professor, and one of the most important anthropologists of the history.


Hans Blüher



Hans Blüher was a German author. In the beginning he wrote article for Magnus Hirschfeld. Later he and written anti-semitic and anti-feminist writings married. He declared in 1953 in his biography proudly on the fact to be which he had influenced even Adolf Hitler.


Leontine Sagan



It was trained by Max Reinhardt as a stage director. Later she informed at his school direction. She produced in 1931 the film "Girl in uniform". This film is an adaptation of her, from the stage play "Yesterday and today". This story around lesbian boarding school love is valid as a classic of the lesbian cinema.


Hannah Höch



The German painter and graphic artist was in the 20s among the numerous "anti-artists" the only Mrs. von Rang. One of the subjects from High is the role of the woman in the society and the relation between the genders - also between homosexual. Their "Dada dolls" and assemblies are topical even today.


Jean Cocteau



He was a many-sided artist. In his books and pictures he dealt very strongly with the death.


Tiffany Dorothy Burlingham



In 1925 Burlingham travels to Vienna. There she gets to know "Anna Freud" and love. The both live and from now on work together. The both found known "Hampstead Nurserie", a child home with connected teaching institute.


Vita Sackville west (alias Victoria Mary Sacville-West)



She wrote above all Nturlyrik and travel reports. Though it was married with the homosexual diplomat "Harald Nicholson", however, a respect with "Virginia Woolf" also had.


Janet Flanner



She wrote during nearly 5 decades for the newspaper "New Yorker". She had a lifelong respect with the poet "Solita Solano", however, was associated itself also at short notice with Noel Murphy and Natalia Danesi Murray.


Adrienne Monnier



She was a French bookseller and publisher. She had for decades with "Sylvie Beach" a respect. Beachs bookstore lay towards to that of Monnier. The bookstores of the both was a meeting place for authors and artists from the whole world.


Hans Henny Jahnn



He was a many-sided man. Hans Henny Jahnn was an author and hormone researcher. In 1911 he got to know his friend and later lifelong companion. During the letzen years of his life he was involved against the atomic armament.


J. Edgar Hoover



He was the boss of the FBI. Under McCarthy he pursued communists, political opponents (zB. the Kennedies), however, also homosexual. Because he himself was homosexual this made him of course succeptible to blackmail. In his case by the mafia. It has to do kompromitierende photos with J. Edgar Hoover and his lifelong companion Edar Tolson have given.


Rudolph Valentino (alias Rudolfo Alfonzo Raffaelo Pierre Filibert Guglielmi di Valentina d `Antongulla)



He emigrates 18-year-old in the USA. In the beginning there he works as a Tellerwäscher, gardener, dancing instructor, uwm. In 1914 his film career begins. Be first big success was "The sheikh". He is shown by Hollywood as a big lady-killer. When his homosexuality is known more and more arangiert one three false marriages, among other things one with the lesbian actress "Natasha Rambova".


Anna Freud



It was the latest Toche of Sigmund Freud. She specialised in child psychology. Anna Freud was associated herself many years with child psychologist Dorothy Tiffany Burlingham. She denied time of her life to be lesbian. Likely reason: Many are of the opinion that homosexual may not become analysts. (Remark: If heterosexual analysts may treat homosexual, why homosexual analysts may treat then no heterosexual)?


Jackie "Moms" Mabley (alias Loretta Mary Aiken)



She came from very miserable relations. Within the shortest time she becomes the gefeierdsten black entertainers. She appears among other things with fames like Count Basie and Duke Ellington. During her shows she made fun over and over again of sex swanks.


Sergei Michailowitsch Eisenstein



It was a famous Russian Regiesseur. Iron stone was able, or wanted to, time of his life openly to his homosexuality never stand. In his films he has never picked out as a central theme homosexuality directly.


Gustaf (alias Gustav) Gründgens



He was a German actor, director and director. His first woman was Erika man, his second Marianne Hoppe. His homosexuality was in public no secret.


Marlene Dietrich (alias Maria Magdalena Dietrich)



Their chill charm and her sensuousness irritated and tied up at the same time her audience., Among the rest, she was friends with "Mercedes de Acosta" and "Greta Garbo".


Natalia Danesi Murray

IN 1902


The daughter of the publisher of the known Italian magazine "La Donna" goes in the 30s to New York. There she gets to know the journalist "Janet Flanner" and love. Their respect ends only with Flanners death in 1978.


Anaìs Nin



She broke off first the school and worked as a dancer and model. From 1916 she lived alternately between Paris and the USA. In the USA it soon becomes a centre of an artist's circle. Their short stories and Romande are written into surrealistic language.


Marguerite Yourcenar (alias Marguerite de Crayncourt)



She wrote some books with homosexual contents. In one of it she described the love of the emperor Hadrian to his young beloved Antinous. In 1937 she got to know the American translator Grace Frick and love.


Erika man



She was a German author and revue artiste. In her cabaret pieces and books she exerts herself vehemently against the national socialism. She is the daughter of "Thomas Mann" and sister of "Klaus of man". Erika man entered for a short time a purpose marriage with "Gustaf Gründgens". She opened together with her Freunding "Therese Giehse" in Munich a cabaret.


Christopher William Bradshaw Isherwood



Since the 70s Isherwood has been involved very intensely in the American homosexual movement. He dealt with the Hinduism. He converted to the Vendata apprenticeship.


Mary Renault (alias Eileen Mary Challans)



Their first novels are heterosexual love stories. In the 50s she turns to the homosexual subjects. Though in her novel there are a lot of gay, but few lesbian characters.


Greta Garbo (alias Greta Gustafsson)



She comes from rather miserable relations. Also her career began in the theatre. In 1925 Hollywood shouts. She turns 13 silent films, afterwards also films with tone. She played in films such as "Mata Hari" or "Christina". It was associated herself about 30 years with "Mercedes de Acosta".


Janet Gaynor (alias Laura Gainor)



The American actress created it relatively easily from Silently to the sound film, the success remained kept to her, nevertheless, for years. She entered a false marriage with "Adrian".


Klaus man



He was a German author. Differently than his father "Thomas Mann" and his brother "Golo of man" he realised his homosexuality openly. With Pamela Wedekind, "Gustaf Gründgens" and his sister "Erika of man" he founds a theatrical ensemble. Later he becomes an opponent of "Gustaf Gründgens". As a member of the PEN club he is involved very intensely against the national socialism. In his novels he describes homosexual heroes over and over again. For example, about "Alexander to the tallness", "Peter Tchaikovsky" or "Ludwig II". In a hotel room in Cannes he commits with an overdose sleeping tablets suicide.


Roger Peyrifitte



He confessed quite early openly to his homosexuality. In 1945 he had to sign because of more supposed "homosexual misdemeanours" the foreign service, he complains and wins. Then he concentrates upon his literary abilities., Among the rest, (1944), or his 3-volume works about "Alexander the tallness" is known "secret friendship".


Quentin Crisp (alias Denis Pratt)



Quentin Crisp is a very eccentric not to say strange ones. Personality. Primarily he is a life artist, in the nebenberuf author.


Francis Bacon



He never visited time of his life an art college, dennnoch he became a famous painter. Last he painted in the style of the realism and abstract realism.


Golo man (alias Gottfried Mann)



He was a German historian and journalist. He wrote zB. In 1948 a monograph about "Friedrich von Gentz", the homosexual politician and author. Golo man was the son of Thomas Mann and brother of Erika and Klaus man.


Inge Meysel



Inge Meysel is a very popular German actress. Because of her Jewish descent it is booked by the Nazis with appearance ban. After the war her precipitous career begins with the film, zB. "Ada Harris wants in the parliament". She is friends with pleasure with homosexual men. They are more sensitive in her opinion and more sensitive. She says also to have felt a bigger nearness to women from herself always.


Jean Genet



He was an author who consciously surrounded himself with the myth of the criminal. In the beginning to his works cannot be sold publicly. In America one forbids to him even in 1965 the entry, because of "sexual divergence". However, during the last years of his life he is also honoured by conservative circles.


Marianne Hoppe (alias Stefanie Paula Henni Gertrud Hoppe)



She played on the stage or in the film over and over again women who must stand her man. In 1936 she marries "Gustaf Gründgens", however, after the war they separate.


Tennessee Williams (alias Thomas Lanier Williams)



Williams could stand of beginning not to his homosexuality. In the course of the years The subject Homosexuality changes ead. it seems in his works over and over again. He became famous among other things by the "cat on the hot metal roof".


Lilly Wust



In the 8/21/1944 Lilly Wust (nickname Aimèe) must coconsider like her big dear Felice Schragenheim (nickname Jaguar) is led away and is brought in the concentration camp. When Lilly Wust is still married with the anti-semitic cashier jumble, she gets to know Felice Schragenheim in 1942 in a cafe in the Ku `damm and love. In 1981 Lilly Wust receives the Federal Service Cross, because she had hidden three other Jewish women in her flat. About the love between Aimèe and Jaguar appears in 1994 a successful novel, this was filmed in 1997.


Axel Axgil

IN 1915


Is valid as a central person in the emancipation movement of the homosexual in Scandinavia.


Billie Holiday (alias Eleanora Gough MacKay)



She was an important jazz interpreter. It was known above all for her huge modulation ability of her voice.


Edith Piaf (alias Edith Giovanna Gassion)



"The spavin of Paris" is descended from miserable relations. In the course of the years she became one of the most famous chanson-song channels. In the end of the 40s she had a passionate respect with "Marlene Dietrich". It became famous by songs such as "La vie en rose" or "Milord".


Carson McCullers (alias Carson Smith)



The American author already became known with her first book "The heart a lonesome hunter" is. By "Erika and Klaus man" she got to know "Annemarie Schwarzenbach". It was the big, unanswered love for them.


Leonard (alias Louis) amber



If was a famous conductor and also composer. As a conductor he provided with his almost acrobatic dislocations for entertainment. He belonged to the most important conductors, how Herbert von Karajan.


Liberace (alias Wladziu Valentino Liberace)



He was an eccentric, American pianist. Liberace appeared as always bombastic. Over and over again he gave up himself with a Rolls Royces on the stage.


Malcolm Forbes



According to the New York lesbian magazine and gay magazine Forbes was also homosexual Malcom. He was married with Roberta Laidlaw, had with her four sons and a daughter and separated from her after a few years.


Tom of Finland (alias Touko Laaksonen)



Tom of Finland was a Finnish draftsman. Quite early he drew pictures of "right men". Shortly before his death one honoured him for his artistic work.


Hans Giese



Hans Ernst Friedrich Giese was a German sexual scientist. Shortly after end of the war he gets to know August Engert. He lives together with him up to dessem death in 1969. He was also a consultant to him process against "Jürgen Bartsch".


Edward Montgomery Clift



Montgomery Clift Schauspiel-Karriere began in the theatre. He wanted to know long nothing about the film. When he, however, films turns he gets problems over and over again. In Hollywood his homosexuality gets about. John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, and as homophobe known Regiesseur Huston, mock him.


Dirk Bogarde (alias Derek van den Bogaerde)



He joined in in more than 65 films. Under it: Victim, The Servant, death in Venice.


Pier Paolo Pasolini



He confessed openly to his homosexuality, so he was also dismissed in 1950 from the communist party. In his works he dealt very intensely with the subject Homosexuality. Very much his version of "120 days is known by Sodom".


Judy Garland (alias Frances Gumm)



She was the daughter of a homosexual film manager. Already as a toddler she stood on the stage. It should have been enticed by her advertising agent to alcohol and drugs pleasure and lesbian love. To repulse rumours bezglich of her homosexuality it married the homosexual director Vincente Minnelli. For many gays and lesbians it was an idol, hence, the grief was the probably biggest just among them.


James Baldwin



He came from miserable relations and was an American author and civil rights campaigner. In his very autobiographic essays and novels he treated over and over again the conflicts of mixed-racial, as well as hetero-as well as homosexual, relations,


Yukio Mishima (alias Kimitake Hiraoka)



He was a Japanese author. His father suppressed him. Up to his 12th year he is held like a prisoner. He is weakly and has sado masochistic imagination. In 1949 he writes "confession of a mask". Mishima founds the "sign alliance", an army from radical right-wing imperial loyalty. He tries with her in 1970 a putsch. This fail. Mishima slits the belly to themselves after old Seppuku ritual with a sword and can be decapitated by his lover Masakatsu Morita. Masakatsu Morita commits afterwards suicide.


Rock Hudson (alias Roy Scherer Fitzgerald)



His agent Henry Wilson did everything around him as a lady-killer to explain. As 1954 first rumours around his homosexuality appear he marries his secretary Phylli gate. This marriage was divorced shortly after. Then rock had Hudson several relations with men. "Georg Nader" and Marc Christian were two of it. When he in AIDS hides ill he this. This is taken amiss of him by many things, among other things from his last life partner Marc Christian, very much. He be left bequeath to property to Elizabeth Taylor. She founds own AIDS endowment to his memory.


Walter Sedlmayr



During about two decades Sedlmayr was as a small actor in the theatre and with the film. In 1972 he becomes sudden with "Theodor Hirneis or Like one of former Hofkoch becomes known" from Hans-Jürgen Syberberg. Then follow among other things films with "Rainer Werner Fassbinder". From 1976 he turned 130 results of "police inspection 1". In 1989 he opened the restaurant "to the Sedlmayr". His chauffeur and private secretary Werner D. finds him in the bed tied up and by hammer beating killed.


All gin mountain



All gin mountain belongs to the most important representatives of the avant-garde literature. He was an opponent of the Vietnam war and entered vehemt for the rights of the homosexual. His model was "Walt Withman".


Christa Reinig



She is an author from Germany. During the war she was a flower arranger and construction worker. After the war she works from 1958 as a scientific museum assistant. In her poems and novels she deals with feminism and lesbian love.


Roy Cohn


IN 1986

Roy Cohn was a public figure lawyer. He worked among other things for Frank Sinatra, "J. Edgar Hoover", Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan. Under McCarthy he helped in the pursuit of intellectuals, communists and homosexual. He himself could prevent a sedate with anti-discrimination for homosexual in the state New York, Roy Cohn realised his homosexuality, nevertheless.


Charlotte von Mahlsdorf (alias Lothar Berfelde)



Their father was a convinced Nazi from his son with pleasure a "right man" would have made. Shortly before end of the war she / he was nearly shot. Charlotte was (e) German museum leader, and one of the best known gays in the ex-GDR. It was for many gays and lesbians in the GDR time an important reference point. In that of her renovated good house that it altered to the early days museum, traffen to itself regularly gays and lesbians to too different celebrations. Rumours appeared that she was an informer. She was able, or wanted to prove never, however, her innocence. However, is probably indisputable that it was an impressive personality, and is for many still.


Andy Warhol (alias Andrew Warhola)



Warhol discovered in 1960 the everyday icons of the pop culture as motives for his pictures. He painted among other things pictures of Coca Cola bottles and comic figures. Later there originated pictures of dollar marks and soup tins. From 1962 portraits from Prominent, from 1963 he also turned films. In the 6/3/1969 Warhol becomes a victim of an attempt by the radical feminist "Valerie Solana". He dies in the sleep by a cardiac infarction.


Mary Daly



She is an American, radical-feminist theologian. When she in 1968 her book "church, woman and Sexus" gives change she loses immediately her place to the Bostoner college.


Adrienne Rich



Within her 40-year-old literary activity she changed from the obedient American poet into a radical-feminist poet.


Jasper Johns



He is an American artist. Tips to his homosexuality are found in his works only indirectly.


Harvey Milk



Harvey Milk started as a bank clerk. With the third approach he was chosen in the 11/8/1977 the district representative and the town parliament of San Francisco. He received his many voices not only from gays and lesbians, but also from old people, social aid receivers, immigrants and socially weak. With the official appointment he appeared proudly with his lifelong companion Scot Smith. Few weeks later he and the mayor Georg Moscone were shot. Their murderer, the right representative Dan White would have had to remove his seat, it was condemned merely to 7,5 years. As an alleviation reason limited addition ability was called. Dan White founded his legal incapacity with his excessive fast-food consumption. About 50,000 people took part in the burial. To honour Milks a place, and a homosexual educational institution, in San Francisco was named after him. Meanwhile there is also in New York "Harvey Milk School".


James Byron Dean



James Dean played in the theatre and later in the film. He became above all by films like "On the other side from Eden" and "Then they do not know what they act" famous. He became for many youngsters the rebellious idol.


Jane Rule



In 1964 appear her novel "Desert of the Heart". By theirs openly contact with her homosexuality, and by her literary work she takes a senior position within the Canadian lesbian movement.


Zeki Müren



Müren was a famous pop singer in Turkey. He never made a secret from his homosexuality.


Anthony Perkins



He played "Norman Bates" in Psycho I-IV. This image vergolgte him his whole life long. To Psycho he played to almost only such roles. He kept secret his homosexuality and his AIDS illness during many years. He underwent even a psychotherapy. He was "cured" by this therapy of his homosexuality. Shortly after he married. With 60 he passed away in presence of his wife and his son.


Barbara Gittings



The leading lesbian activist of the 50s and 60s in the USA grew up in Vienna and Montreal. She founded in 1958 in New York a scion of the lesbian organisation "Daugthers of Bilitis". She was so radical in her fight for the rights of the homosexual that she was dismissed from the organisation. She is active furthermore in different lesbian organisations and gay organisations.


Ann Bannon (alias Ann Thayer)

September, 1932


She is an American author. Only in 1980 she ventilated the secret around her homosexuality, till then füh; rte them a double life. Completely in contrast to the then usual lesbian fiction her stories did not end tragically.


Manfred Bruns

IN 1934


Manfred Bruns is a lawyer and was active quite early in the working group "Homosexual and Church" and "gay lawyers". 27th of October, 1994 he got for it the Federal Service Cross.


Audre Lorde



The destiny met them immediately three times: She was a woman, she was an Afro-American and she was lesbian. Actually, carry it them four times: She was also a very much engaged feminist. Time of her life exerted itself them against racism, sexism and homo's phobia. She did this not only by actions, but also by words - in her numerous works. She got for it several honourings, taught at numerous universities and went on occasion on reading travelling and lecture tours.


Alfred Franz Maria Biolek



He is a German TV presenter and producer. He produced broadcastings like with biology (1983), person Meier (1985), boulevard biology (1991) and Alfredissimo (1995).


Richard Chamberlain



A famous American actor. He joined in in films like "Tschaikowsky - genius and insanity", "The count of Monte Cristo", "Shogun", "The thorn birds" and "micron fairly lady" (musical).


Hubert Fichte



Already as a child he stood on the stage. However, he was also very fond of travelling. In his books he dealt very much with the subject Homosexuality.


Little Richard (alias Richard Wayne Penniman)



He grew on in the Schwarzenghetton of Macon (USA). With 13 he broke off the school and went to the stage. He founds a volume and travels by the states. From him hits come like "Tutti Frutti" (1955), "Lucille" (1957) or "Good Golly of Miss Molly" (1958). He satisfies his (homo) sexual needs only in public toilets. In the climax of his career he suddenly becomes a Bible shop assistant.


Yves Saint-Laurent



He begins with 19 in Christian Dior. He makes there fast career. Together with his life partner and business partner he opened in 1962 his own fashion house. Later arrived to his clothes also Accvessoirs. In 1991 he speaks in "Le Figaro" publicly of his homosexuality.


David Hockney



He is a British painter. Already in the beginning of the 60s he confessed to his homosexuality. Hockney picked out as a central theme homosexuality also in his pictures. One of his most famous pictures is the double portrait of "Christopher Isherwoods" with his lifelong companion Don Bachardy.


Rudolf Nurejew



He was a famous öscherreichisch Russian dancer. In 1961 he retreats during a tour in Paris. In the 50s and 70s he puts new graduations for the man's dance in the western ballet. Be last public appearance took place in 1992 to the premiere of his ballet "La Bajadère" in Paris.


Karl Lagerfeld



He is a German designer, not only for fashion. He also created accessories (glasses, watches, etc.), shoes, wallpaper, pieces of furniture, porcelain and perfumes. In his first photo tape he also shows his long-standing lifelong companion Jaques de Bascher. Bascher died in 1989.


Katherine V. Forrest



The Canadian author describes a charismatic Kommisarin, Kate Delafield in her books. K. V. Forrest and her books are Coming out for some American a way to.


Günter Tolar



He is a known Austrian television presenter and author. After the death of his lifelong companion he went in 1993 with his homosexuality to the media. He exerts himself very much for the rights of the homosexual. Günter Tolar founds "positive of life". Columns appear to the gay emancipation in different Homosexuelen magazines.


Helga Schuchardt



When she in Lower Saxony minister for science and art was she stood quite openly to her homosexuality. She believed that it is the norm twaite shad in the world if a woman with a woman, a man lived together with a man, or a man with a woman. For many years she herself has a respect with Inge Volk.


Elfi Mikesch



The camerawoman coming from Austria and Regiesseurin worked together among other things with "Rose von Praunheim", "Werner Schroeter" and "Monika Treut".


Jutta Oesterle Schwerin

IN 1941


The bold and combative politician exerts herself vehemently for the rights of lesbians and gays. She goes in her fight so far that it fights with three Federal Presidents for the use of the words "Lesbian" and "Gay" in her applications. As the first tried President of the Bundestag Philipp Jenninger to her the use of these words to forbid. Uselessly, since 1991 the use of the concepts is "lesbian" and is natural "gay" in the Bundestag. Their grounds: "If the names "Lesbian" and "gay" feel well enough for the Bundestag not, how extremely badly must it be first then, than to live lesbian or gay?"


Derek Jarman



Derek Jarman was a painter, author, filmmaker and gay's activist. In his pictures and films he deals with the subject Homosexuality. In the 70s he is also active in "Act Up".


Margarethe Cammermeyer

March, 1942


In 1985 she appointed the American "Veterans administration " the "nurse of the year". It was selected from more than 34,000 nominees. When she four years later during an interview with employees of the Secret Service her homosexuality announced she was dismissed immediately from the army. By her fight for reinstatement she became an engaged fighter around the rights of the homosexual. Their life was filmed in 1995 (Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer story).


Calvin Klein



In 1967 he founded with Barry Schwartz own company. Calvin Klein is a frequent guest in the famous disco "studio 54". He marries twice. Meanwhile he has affairs with men over and over again.


Rose von Praunheim (alias Holger Bernhard Bruno Mischwitzky)



Home Praun wanted to become urspünglich a gallery owner, moved itself, however, from 1967 to the film. His first success was "The bed sausage" (1968). He achieved a very big success with "Not the homosexual is perverted, but the situation in which he lives" (1970). The ARD shows him in 1973, nevertheless, the Bavarian broadcasting company switches off itself from the radiation. His films and actions release over and over again big discussions, also among the homosexual themselves.


Inge Viett

IN 1943


In 1979 she had joined to the armed fight of the RAF. In 1983 she disappeared in the GDR. There she led a quiet, unobtrusive life. After the Fall of the Wall she became in 1992 aufgespührt and was arrested. With her arrest the several years' respect with headmaster also was to an end.


David Geffen



Geffen comes from miserable relations, and now is one of the most high-powered enterprisers in the music branch. In 1966 he founded his first record company. As the next originated "Asylum Records" and the music agency of "Geffen-Roberts". In 1980 he founds "Geffen Records". In 1982 he also produced films, zB. Beetlejuice, or musicals like zB. "Cats" or "Miss Saigon". Since beginning of the 90th he expresses himself openly to his homosexuality. He is also active in the AIDS help, also with high sums of money.


Jil outwash plain (alias Heidemarie Siline)



She is one of the most successful German fashion designer. She opened in 1968 her first boutique (Hamburg). Their homosexuality is valid as an open secret.


Howard Cruse

IN 1944


Howard Cruse is an American comic draftsman. From him comes zB. "Gay-Comix".


Armistead Maupin

IN 1944


After the Vietnam war he was a coorganizer of "Cat Lai Commune". This organisation exerts itself for the war victims in South-East Asia. He writes novels which the life of homosexual describes.


Luise F. Pusch



The German linguist deals since 1979 primarily with the "feminist linguistics". She writes her books into generally understandable language. She wrote different portraits about women. She lives open lesbian in Hannover.


Jean Daniel Cardinot



He should take up "a well-arranged profession", however, he differently decided. With 17 he ran away from home, became photographer, and the published first illustrated books. Later he produced the porn videos for which he became famous.


Alexander Ziegler



Alexander Ziegler coming from Switzerland lived and worked in Austria and Germany. He wrote stage plays like "cell whispering" and books like, "The consequence", "The resonance" and "The affectionate". During about ten years he worked for the German Gay magazine "Du&Ich". He dies by an overdose tablets, one supposes suicide.


Rita Mae Brown



She is the probably best known open living, lesbian present author. She already wrote at the age of 20 years successfully to script for TV serials.


Klaus Nomi (alias Klaus sparrow hawk)



He was a German singer. His career was short, but crucial. He worked together among other things with "David Bowie", "Madonna" and "Keith Haring".


Ursula Sillge



Ursula Sillge knew to assert herself it always in the GDR by means of her stubbornness and Bauernschläue. Thus she created that in 1984 at the Humboldt's university numerous professors are appointed in an interdisciplinary working group Homosexuality, a book on the subject Homosexuality in the GDR may appear, the NVA her cadre directives changes and a total of three conferences on the subject Homosexuality take place.


Rainer Werner Fassbinder



He was time of his life a very active person. R. W. Cooper wrote many screenplays for film, theatre and radio plays. The subject "Homosexuality" is treated in his films and stage plays rather on the edge. However, there is also to films in those it is the central point, zB. "Fist right of the freedom".


Freddy Mercury (alias Frederick Bulsara)



He was a founder of the group "Queen". By this name, his personal style with clothes and music the group soon became very famous. He handles with his homosexuality very openly. After his death a statue was revealed in 1996 in Montreux by him, London did not want them.


Andrea Dworkin



As a student she demonstrated in 1971 against the Vietnam war. Besides, it was arrested and ill-treated. She held on their experiences with the aggressive, man-dominated society in her book "Woman Hating: A Radical Look at Sexualitiy" (1974). In numerous speeches and talks she treats subjects such as women's rights, or pornography.


Jürgen Bartsch



He abused and killed four school boys.


Gianni Versace



Versaces work distinguish themselves by unusual mixtures, zB. Silk with jute. He "homoerotisierte" the man's fashion. His contact with the homosexuality was open, but discreet. On the 15th of June, 1997 he was shot by the 27 year-old gay call boy and serial killer Andrew Phillip Cunanan. In the memorial service took part among other things princess Diana, "Karl Lagerfeld" and "Elton John".


Camille Paglia

IN 1947


As the American human scientist in 1991 her book "The masks of the sexuality" published a storm of the outrage breaks out. Although she herself is lesbian, she uses every opportunity to criticise the lesbian life-style: ".... They want to be together, talk about her mothers, volleyball play and cuddle, cuddle, cuddle...".


Elton John (alias Reginald Kenneth Dwight)



He is one of the probably best known pop musicians. In 1987 he confessed openly to his homosexuality.


Robert Mapplethorpe



He was an American photographer. However, Mapplethorpe simply did not take photos. His pictures are from big aesthetics. When he also pictures with p. / m representation issues tried the republican senator Jesse of helmet a law to bring through that "such" art (N.M. and homosexuality) may not be promoted any more by the state.


Holly Near



She stood already with 7 on the stage and sang. Already as a Teenagerin she was in numerous films and Misicals, among other things "Hair". In the beginning of the 70s her political consciousness also developed very strongly. Dissatisfied with the possibilities to her the record contract allows it simply founds her own label "Redwood Records". In her songs she very often treats lesbian subjects.


Detlev Meyer



He writes a lot about gay life. He does this in very self-ironic and amusing manner.


Thomas Friday



He is above all in Germany a known revue artiste. Thomas Friday sees himself rather than a political revue artiste.


Roberta Achtenberg



The 43-year-old, open living lesbian woman was appointed by Bill Clinton in a high government post. She is always an untiring fighter for the rights of the lesbians and gay.


Mary (alias Georg Preusse)



"He" is a famous German drag artist and actor. Georg Preusse learnt radiotechnology and television technology and studied informatics. In the middle of the 70s he works in different nightclubs as a drag artist. Together with "Reiner Kohler" he manages the breakthrough, they are called "Mary & Gordy". They go on Tourneen. Till 1987 there is on common appearances in variety shows. In 1995 "Gordy" dies alias "Robert Kohler". One say "to cancer", the others say "in AIDS". In which, with him an excellent artist got lost to the world. To Gordys death Mary a successful solo career succeeds as "a Mary". He gets in 1991/92 own variety show.


Margherita Giacobino

IN 1952


She was originally an insurance specialist. Besides, she translated works of Emily Brontès and Margaret Atwoods - and the fictitious biography of the fictive author Elinor Rigby. The inquiry for their works becomes so big that she writes herself books under the pseudonym of her fictive author.


Harsh of ride

IN 1952


His career as a fashion, advertising photographer and prominent photographer was precipitous. His photos are held everybody in Black-and-white. Sylvester Stalone, Brigitta Nielsen, Diana count among other things to his models horse, John Huston, "Bill T. Jones", "Greg Louganis", "k. D. Long", Cindy Crawford and Calvin Klein.


Jean-Paul Gaultier



He does not overshoot immediately. His first attempts with jewellery and clothes fail. After him the Japanese group of Kashiyama supported ones he manages the breakthrough. He strikes above all by several taboo breaks. One of his most thrilling draughts is the rock for men.


Christina Schenk



She finished in 1976 her physics study. In 1994 innkeeper begins a correspondence course of the political science and the social behavioral sciences in Hagen. From 1973 to 1981 she is a member of the SED, from 1984 she is active in the opposition movement. She belongs in 1989 to the founders of the "independent women's association" (UFV). In 1994 she runs for election on the open list of PDS to the parliamentary elections. She is the only representative who is officially led with the headword Marital status as in "of lesbian long-term relationship".


Hermes Phettberg (alias Josef Fenz)



Hermes Phettbertg can be characterised with three concepts: "Catholic, gay, masochistically". Since 1981 he devotes himself to sadomasochistic action art. From 1992 appear in the Viennese town newspaper "Hermes Phettbergs Predigtdienst". Mountain Phett rises to the cult figure in the Viennese "Sparverein" theatre. ORF tapes some Time-long the shows. He becomes first in Austria, then also in Germany the much-noticed outsider of the chat show culture.


Matthias Frings



Matthias Frings is very active, and a very successful person. He is a journalist, presenter, actor with a free theatrical group and owner of the TV-production company "mea culpa". He initialized the broadcasting "dear sin" on the new-founded transmitter "VOX".


Claudia Gehrke



She is a bold German publisher. In spite of numerous processes because of "spreading of pornographic writings", it does not surrender. She exerts herself for the fact that every person can live the preferential sexual orientation. From her publishing company comes zB. "My secret eye". In her publishing company works of famous authors appear like "Yoko Tawada".


Harvey Fierstein



He is an American actor and dramatist. At the beginning of his career he stood even with "Andy Warhol" on the stage. Later he himself wrote for the theatre. He achieved a big success with "Torch song Trilogy".





Cristine Mouron is a cabaret singer. She already wrote with 12 song texts. She had their first appearances in the gay handicrafts bar "Piano Zinc" (Paris). She worked among other things with "Edith Piaf" and "Ceorgette of Dee" zusammenm.


Pratibha Parmar



The Indian director lives and works in England. In her films she treats social controversial issues. For example, black lesbians, AIDS, or racism and the discrimination of Asian lesbians.


Krista leg stone



It is the "bath Girl" in the art scene. It is known for her aggressive, radical p. / m stagings. Leg stone is valid at the latest be in 1980 as "an argumentative" confidential tip and the lesbians of Germany.


Janice Perry



The American revue artiste argues ironically, self-critically and "politicall incorrect" with sexuality of every kind. Particularly she has seen it on homosexuality and the role of the woman in the society.


Judith Butler

IN 1956


The American Philosphin writes books on the subject "Gender identity". From her is among other things "The uneasiness of the genders" and "body of weight". With her books she released now and again violent discussions.


Gianna Nannini



Their rough voice and her powerful texts is extremely impressive. Therefore, it makes no difference to most German lesbians that they cannot understand what Gianna Nannini sings there.


Martina Navratilova



With her numerous victories in important competitions (among other things Wimbledon), she performed with it more or less voluntarily numerous victories for the fight for recognition of lesbian women. Because of her homosexuality, and her fight for respect, it was often attacked by the media. After she had given up her tennis career, now it further fights for the equal rights of the homosexual.


Della Grace



She holds nothing of conventions, from the social division of sexual orientations. To sprinkle the American photographer nimt male hormones around the thus borders between manly and female. She herself calls herself "Hermaphrodyke".


Ellen DeGeneres



She is a "very" open living lesbian actress. For her homeland America maybe too openly. When she her homosexuality gave famously some companies pulled back her advertising contributions during her broadcasting. Ellen does not disturb this, she continues cheerfully.


Claudia Schoppmann



Taboo topics and uninvestigated are a special challenge for them. She would like to make the history clear without explaining lesbians by se to victims of the history. In 1990 she did a doctorate in the sex-specific fight of the homosexuality in the "third empire". She published since that time several books about the Nazi era and to the Jewish history. In 1997 she receives the "pink Courage's price" of her work.


Susie Bright



She is an American journalist. Bright exerts itself for a disinhibited lesbian sexuality full of pleasure. She wrote among other things "Susies Sexperts sex world for lesbians".


Keith Haring



In 1981 his first chalk drawings originate, mostly on U railway stations. His pictures become known in such a way that he is invited to the Documenta 7 to Kssel. There from the art market his pictures more and more expensive sells weden he founds in several cities "pop shops". There one can buy postcards, T-shirts uvm. with motives from him. He exerts himself for the Safer sex campaigns and against apartheid.


Claudia Pütz



The German author worked after the escape from the nun's school during eight years as a railway station attendant. During this time she made up to her in the evening for her Abitur (school-leaving exam). In 1987 she started to write, already in 1988 she achieved her first success "morphine one-hundred-mark bill of Engel". She lives with her lifelong companion Katharina Eckart and two bitches in Bonn.


Madonna (Madonna Louise Ciccone)



She is an American singer, and above all icon of the gays and lesbians. She exerts herself not only for the emancipation of the women and homosexual, she also derives inspiration towards the dances, the music and the life style of the Drag queens and homosexual. Their homosexual brother "Christopher Ciccone" (dancer, choreographer, director and artist) forms for them on occasion her stage shows. She considers herself as a "gay man in the body of a woman".


Georgette Dee



She, or he, is a famous German travesty star.


Hella of senses (alias Hella Kemper)



Hella of senses is a comedienne, entertainer, revue artiste, actress - and she is open lesbian. From 1988 she produced for RTL the broadcasting "Everything nothing, or". Together with her lifelong companion "Vornelia Askance", and 250 other lesbian-gay pairs, she ordered in 1992 the contingent. Brightness of senses is one of the co-organizers of the "pink meeting".


Rubert Everett



His father would have seen him with pleasure in the diplomatic service, but he refused. With 15 he went off of the school. His career began in the theatre, then later he also went to the film.



IN 1960


RuPaul Andre Charles is an internationally known American drag artist. Since 1980 he sets up increasingly to an icon of the Drag queen's movement. RuPaul is not to be overlooked. This comes not only by his androgynes appearance, but also by his (including Highheels) size of 2.13 m. The most standing out sign is probably his show and song talent.


Maria Glen



Maria Glen had in 1994 her breakthrough. The American musician was discovered when she worked as a security strength in an office building. She defends herself vehemt against it as a "parade horse to be taken in".


Yoko Tawada



She is an author, lives and works since middle of the 80s in Hamburg. She makes around herself, around her works and around her lesbian being no big sensation.


Ulrike Folkerts



The chill commissioner Lena Odenthal played the German actress in the crime film row "scene". She was also as a sportswoman with the Gay-Games in New York (1^994) and the Euro-Games (1996). She lives for several years with her lifelong companion in the outskirts of Berlin.


Jeffrey Dahmer



Jeffrey Dahme killed 17 young men. He should also have eaten parts of them. In the prison he was beaten by coprisoners to death.


Ralf König



He is a German comic draftsman. A few his works are "little lemon roles", "Sylvestertuntenball", "little cream cuts", "The moved man", "The condom of the horror", uvm. His probably best known figures are "Konrad and Paul". In all his stories he handles very self-ironic with the subject Homosexuality. Several times is tried to put his works on the list of the youth-endangering writings.


Albert Eckert



He is with Bündnis90 / The Greens. Under his management the seminar paper is furnished for same-sexual life-style. In 1990 he is chosen the vice president of the Berlin chamber of deputies. After a prodigious dirty campaign of the (###) newspaper B.Z. he withdraws frustrated from his office. On grounds of his former work than masseur he was shown by "this newspaper" as a rent boy. He is active furthermore among other things in the "initiative homo's monument Berlin".


Volker Beck



He is a speaker of the gay's association of Germany (SVD) and representative for Bündnis90 / The Greens.


Dirk Bach



Dirk Bach visited no theatrical school. He began his career at the theatre Alfred Biolek got him the first roles with the film.


Jimmy Somerville



He is a British pop musician. In his songs he argues over and over again with homosexual subjects. "You are my World" is put in 1986 by the BBC on the index. The reason: "Somerville called it a love song to a boy." He is involved very much in homosexual groups, among other things in "Act Up". A primary aim was the abolition of antihomosexuellen sedate "Claus 28" for him.


Mellissa Etheridge



The internationally known rock musician stands openly to her homosexuality. She incorporates this subject on occasion in her songs. One estimates them for her openness and her music, she got a Grammy for her music.


Bell-boy Georg (alias Georg Alan O `Dowd)



He is an eccentric British pop musician. His models were androgyne stars like, David Bowie and Marc Boland.


Guido Westerwelle



Since 1980 is Westerwelle member of the F.D.P., in 1994 he is chosen the secretary general of the F.D.P. His homosexuality is an open secret.


Sabine Harke

IN 1962


The German sociologist deals in her works over and over again with the lesbian identity. She would be with pleasure a Federal Chancellor, this occupational aim was already clear to her with three.


Nicole Müller

IN 1962


The author stammente from Basel (Switzerland) belongs to few German-speaking authors who processes exclusively lesbian subjects in her books. She wrote among other things a biography about the also lesbian author "Annemarie Schwarzenbach".


Jodie Foster (alias Alicia Christian Foster)



Among the rest, the American actress played in "Taxi Driver" (with Robert de Niro) or "The Silence of the Lambs". She herself has never denied rumours around her homosexuality or has confirmed. Their brother has confirmed for it in his autobiography these rumours. Besides, it was revealed by the New York action group "Out post" as a lesbian.


Cornelia Scheel

IN 1963


From the occupation she is a journalist, however, famous she became by her relationship (she is the daughter of ex-presidents Walters Scheel) and her lifelong companion "Hella of senses".


Georg Michael (alias Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou)



Georg Michael is a British pop singer. He appeared together with "Elton John" with the Live Aid concert. His homosexuality is known, he expresses himself only not further in addition.


Cora Frost



The German cabaret singer is known for her urgent voice. The "FAZ" wrote about them: "... The biggest and most dangerous what could attack to the German handicrafts". Frost receives in 1996 the highest German handicrafts price


Klaudia Brunst



Already with 15 she is active in a lesbian-feminist women's group. In 1992 she becomes an editor "taz" (tageszeitung). Since 1996 she is an editor in chief taz. She has there also a column in which she writes about lesbian subjects.


Hape Kerkeling



Already with 16 he works towards his aim to become an entertainer. He presents 3 times the Eurovision song contest, and produces himself shows (zB. "Absolutely normally"). In the broadcasting "The hot chair" is revealed he by "Rose von Praunheim".


Pierre & Gilles (pseudonyms)



Their age and her names keep secret them. He (Pierre) and you (Gilles) became acquainted in 1976 on a party of the Japanese fashion doer "Kenzo". Since that time they work and live together. Theirs often very much to homoerotischen photos are reworked by Gilles picturesquely.

Die Beschreibung der einzelnen Persönlichkeiten stammt zum größten Teil aus dem Buch "OUT! 600 berühmte Lesben, Schwule und Bisexuelle" von Axel Schock und Karen-Susan Fessel. Querverlag Berlin.

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