Homo-Mahnmal - Schicksale


Here I will report exactly as possible, about destinies of homosexual victims (especially in the "third empire").
If you know about a important destinies that here is absent, you can report to me any time about that. Please, hold your information as accurate as possible. Here you can put down the data:
First name:
Last name:

Not only homosexual men were prisoned and killed, even it is mostly the subject in discussions like "Killing of the Homosexuals among the Nazis".
Women were discriminated in varied way. Finally, to them were subordinated not only to her "aryan gender comrades", they also had to correspond for race-hygienic reasons of theirs of nature and God certain role as a wife and mother. If the women had won themselves some high-powered public leadership positions in the 20s laboriously, they were edged out after the seizure of power from it again.

It would be to be stated wrong that lesbian women had better had it than gay men. The loss any right of the self-determination, above all concerning own body, is definitively a coarse injury of human rights. Of a woman her rights, her dignity and her body take, and it is to be degraded to the reproductive machine a crime.

There are some examples of women and men with Rose Winkel, I would like to take here now first of all only one. If you know a destiny which seem to you especially important and worth mentioning, then you inform me of this please.

Air force assistant Helene G.
Helene G. from Schleswig - Holstein was between 1943-and in 1945 air force assistant in Oslo. In the air force lodging she lived in an intimate community with another air force assistant. One day a second lieutenant of the aerial news troop was interested in the other woman now. Because she rejected his obtrusiveness, both women got in the shot line of the national-socialist law of war. Both women were arrested by the confidential field police and were separated. Helene G. was put because of military strength decomposition before a court martial. It was expelled from the Wehrmacht (Armed Forces)and was brought in the concentration camp BŁtzow with Mecklenburg. There she became with 6 other lesbian women in an extra block. Concentration camp BŁtzow was originally a pure prisoner's of war camp. The women were brought in own empty block. There they were guarded by male Kapos. Though it was strictly forbidden during the Nazi time if foreigners and German women have intimate traffic with each other, but this ban was not valid here. The prisoners of war instructed the SS post: "They are the last mud. If you pull through them substantially, you get to every one bottle Schmnaps." On the women it was rushed at first Russian and French prisoners, later, however, also others.

(Remark: This is all I know about Helene G.

Some other examples on the History and Persons:
Thomas Mann , Klaus Mann , Lilly Wust , Charlotte von Mahlsdorf ; Februar/März_1933 - die ersten homosexuellen KZ-Häftlinge.

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